Monday, March 28, 2011

Brighten Up Your Life!

Waking up to the bright shining sun inspired my blog post today for everything and anything BRIGHT. Yes, I have blogged in the past about bright colored and printed dresses, but when I saw that it's going to be 75-degree weather this week , I began to freak out--in a good way! So, here we go!

As Spring is approaching, it's time to incorporate bright accents into our daily wardrobe. Bold colored shoes, handbags, jewelry, hair accessories--the works! Let's turn 'Spring mode' all the way up, ladies! Here are several easy breezy ways to brighten up your life:

1. Bright colored handbag: This is by far the easiest way to add a pop of color to your look. Don't worry about your purse matching the rest of your outfit. Let's not be too matchy-matchy! 

2. Pop polish: Make your finger nails pop! Enough of the neutral tones--just stop! Shy away from your usual shades and push the envelope with oh-so-bright colors like royal blue, neon green and tangerine orange. Step out of your comfort zone, girl!

3. Jewel-tone shades: I L-O-V-E big framed sunglasses and I love them even more when they're jewel-tone. Rock a pair of eye-catchers with purple, blue, emerald or ruby red frames. Remember to choose frames that enhance your face shape and don't take over your face entirely.
4. Oversize crystal earrings: You don't have to go to a gala, a wedding or any other formal event to bring out your girls. And I'm not talking about your ta-ta's, ladies. I'm talkin' about oversize crystal earrings! Pair your big and beautiful emerald, ruby or sapphire earrings with everyday faves-- denim shorts, sun dresses, cropped cigarette pants and v-neck tees.  

Flaunting bright colors in your Spring look? Send them my way!

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