Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vibrant Hair Hues

Aching for a personal style change? Running out of ideas? How about a new hair hue? Get over the winter drab and liven up your look! Spring fever baby! Here are the hottest hair color looks for this season:
Kim Kardashian
1. Warm Chestnut: Glowing brown hair with lovely gold highlights targeted around your face adds dimension and body to your hair, frames your face and saves you mula without the high maintenance, all-over streaks.
Emma Stone
2. White Gold: Take your blonde look up a notch! And then up a couple notches more! Combining a platinum and gold tones is bright and shiny and prevents a washed-out look.
Drew Barrymore
3. Sunkissed Tips: Just when you thought last year's ombre craze was over, think again! This year the look is a bit toned down. Instead of two drastic contrasting colors, this year's tips are only a few shades lighter.
4. Bold Burgundy: There's a wide range in the 'burgundy spectrum'. You can add a burgundy tint to your brown locks for a luscious and deep tint or add a whole 'lotta vibrant color! Either way, you're going to turn heads-- in a good way!

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