Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Book Worm: Karl Lagerfeld

Love the smell of books? Well, now you can smell like one. Karl Lagerfeld is quite the book worm, personally owning over 300,000 books. He has recently made way to create a scent with Berlin-based perfumer, Geza Schon, and the name of the fragrance has been named Paper Passion, which is inspired by freshly inked paper. The fragrance will even be packaged in a carved-out hardcover book-like box. 

Now, now, ladies let's not assume the scent will literally smell like a book or your neighborhood public library. The keywords to this fragrance are inspired and reminiscent of books. Think FRESH!

We're waiting to hear on the launch date. Karl Lagerfeld loves to keep us on our toes. For now, I'll keep my nose in a book!

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