Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Brush Time!

It's important to invest in quality makeup brushes. Great brushes last longer and apply your makeup much more smoothly and evenly. Treat your brushes well, and they'll keep you looking just fab! While chatting with a few girlfriends, they asked me, "How do you wash your brushes and how often?" I replied with the following:

  1. Spray with a brush cleaner weekly. 
    1. Spray the bristles of your makeup brush. Wipe a clean cloth with the moistened brush until the brush is clean. If it's been a while since you last cleaned your brushes, you may need to spray several times.
  2. Deep clean monthly.
    1. Run the tips of the bristles under warm water. Pour a little shampoo into the palm of one hand. Holding the brush in the other hand, swirl the bristles around in the shampoo. Rinse the brush by swirling in a bowl of clean warm water. Use a cloth to wipe the brush clean; then lay it flat on a cloth to dry. 
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