Sunday, July 10, 2011

Loose Locks + Flirty Braids

Since this is the second time I'm writing about them, I'm clearly loving the braid trend a tad too much! But then again, who cares?! Anyway, this summer, my current look is wearing my hair down with a braid or two in the mix. Wearing my hair down is my number one go-to style when my hair is curly or straight. Adding a braid or two in the look uses a teeny-weeny bit more effort for a phenomenal finished look. Braiding hair from the front of your face is a great way to highlight certain features and frame. Try small braids towards the middle and top of your crown to add visual texture. When finished, you'll achieve a confident, gorgeous and playful look.

Check out my favorite looks below:

Kim Kardashian

Blake Lively

Isla Fisher

Loving the looks? What's your favorite braid trend? Let me know in the comment box!

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