Friday, October 7, 2011

Chanel Spring/Summer 2012 - Paris Fashion Week

I was completely blown away with Chanel's Spring 2012 show at Paris Fashion Week. As a sea lover, the underwater, aquatic themed runway set design spoke to my soul. Adding a wintery-wonder/fantasy land with the crisp white, coral, shells and bubbles completed the entire story along with the amazing collection. Plus, Florence Welch of Florence and the machine performed during the show. Mind you, she popped out of an oyster. Insane! Karl Lagerfeld is the shit.

Take a peek below:

Images courtesy of Getty Images


  1. I love that green coat in the last photo!

  2. karl lagerfield is such a genius! love these photos!


  3. I agree, the coat is fabulous! Karl Lagerfeld is KING! Wish I was at this show.