Monday, September 24, 2012

Motivation Monday: Fear

Fear. What I have learned is that it exists in our own minds and in many levels and forms. We truly can become our own worst enemy! Without even taking the first step, I cannot tell you how many times I've scared myself out of possibilities and opportunities which could have lead to many positive endings. Instead of thinking about how good and incredibly amazing the situation may have gone, I kept thinking about all of the bad things that could have gone wrong! How crazy is that? I was 'predicting' the future in my mind, creating these negative feelings within, but in fact, none of it had even occurred yet! I even have a friend that wanted a new job, in the same field she was currently in, a lateral move at that, but just in a new, positive environment. She was so scared that she wouldn't get the job-- not even receive a reply from the employer! And she has yet to even send in one resume. Why do we do this to ourselves?

So, what I continue to do more of is go for what I want, even if it makes me a teeny bit scared and only think of the good that could possibly happen. Whether it's deciding on buying a dress that's a completely new look for you, calling a person of influence to get their opinion on a business venture, starting a blog regardless of what others may think, traveling to a foreign country by yourself, creating a new invention, calling a friend to mend a relationship, running a marathon, or even asking for a raise. When I think of the awesome possibilities, I feel great, I get excited, and visualize myself achieving the end result to the point where I'm smiling and skipping down the block! And most of the time, I get what I want. Not all the time, but most. Using this little trick makes me question, "Fear? What's that?!"

The world is yours. Stop sitting around and go out and get it. YOLO!

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