Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Never Give Up

A reminder that I must reflect on daily:

The cost of giving up is much, much, greater than the cost of pursuing your dream. What's a little hard work? Sweat? The occasional and guaranteed bump in the road? What's one more day of putting in the extra effort compared to the greatest moment of realization that you've completed and attained the goal or dream you've wanted with all of your heart?

Yes, it may be hard and we'll all have days where we contemplate, "Is it really worth it? Are the rejections, the hurdles, the pain, really worth what I've set to achieve?" The answer is yes. Anything that you really want and is worth the time and effort involves what I like to call, 'The Process'. It makes us stronger, wiser, and ready to beat the next thing that comes at us with ease. I'm learning to embrace it more and more each day. (Keyword: embrace)

I mean really, Regret sucks and the 'What If?' questions suck even more. Do we really want to deal with those two for the rest of our lives if we quit our pursuit of whatever it is that we want? Let's not.

The end is sweet and pure bliss so, keep going! Keep pushing! Big dreams, small dreams, lose weight, get fit, job promotion, world travel, home ownership, business venture, published novel, who cares! Quit thinking too much and let's go! Sooner or later you'll look up and already be there— where you want to be.

Embrace every moment of every day. Enjoy.

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