Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Feature: Makeup Artist Sherena Mercer

Taking a stroll down memory lane is a trip. As I've grown older, even though I still feel like I'm 18, it's amazing to see where the people in your circle of friends have gone and accomplished. From the moment I met Sherena Mercer in 2005 on San Francisco State's campus, I've always taken note of one thing...her makeup. It was always on point, not a smudge in sight and never overdone. Obviously, one could tell that she's got talent and passion, which has beautifully transpired into her career in cosmetics.

Scroll on for two gorgeous looks by up-and-coming makeup artist, Sherena Mercer, and exclusive Feature Friday interview by yours truly:

Primer- Urban Decay Primer Potion
Lid- MAC Pigment "Tan"
Crease- MAC Shadow "Saddle"
Brow highlight- MAC Shadow "Modest Tone"
Eyeliner- MAC fluidline "Blacktrack"
False lashes- Red Cherry lashes #1

Primer- Bare Escentuals Face primer "original"
Foundation: NYX HD Powder Foundation "Warm Beige"
Concelar- MAC Prolong wear concelar "NC35"
Blush- MAC Blush "Peachykeen"
Face Highlight- MAC Mineralize skin finish "Soft and gentle"

Primer- Bare Escentuals "Lip Rever-Upper"
lipliner- MAC lip pencil "Magenta"
Lipstick- MAC amplified "Girl About Town"

Eyes :
eye primer- Urban Decay Primer potion
Lid - MAC pigment "Violet"
Crease- MAC Shadow "Malt"
Brow Highlight- MAC Shadow "Vanilla"
Mascara- MAC "False Lash"

Primer- Laura Mercier oil free face primer
Foundation- MAC Matchmaster in 5.0
Blush- MAC "Mocha"

lipstick- MAC "Up The Amp"
Gloss- MAC Dazzleglass "Baby Sparks"

Sherena Mercer

Now for the questions:

Xiomara: When did you discover your love/obsession for cosmetics?

Sherena: I have loved makeup since I can remember, but as a little girl I used to love getting up in the morning and watching my mom put on her makeup. It would almost put me in a trance. And I would always make sure she gave me a kiss on the lips before leaving so I could wear a little of her lipstick to school. 

Xiomara: If you could only put on one cosmetic on, which would it be? (foundation, mascara, eyeliner...)

Sherena: Tough question Xio! haha. It would have to be mascara. I can't live without my mascara.

Xiomara: Where have you worked in cosmetics and how has it built your career?

Sherena: I started my career with Bare Escentuals and worked with the company for almost 6 years. I have also worked with a custom blending makeup compamy called ColorLab Cosmetics. And now, I am currently a MAC makeup artist and loving every bit of it. Working for these companoes has taught me so many tips and tricks and how to become a better artist. Also, meeting so many people which has lead me to do weddings and other events.

Xiomara: What are your favorite brands?

Sherena: Some of my favorite brands would be MAC, Urban Decay, NARS, Makeup Forever... my list can go on and on... 

Xiomara: Do you wear makeup every day?

Sherena: I wouldn't say I wear it everyday. But if I run out the door for a bit, I like to look somewhat put together, which means I have a little bit on. 

Xiomara: How much money do you spend (a rough estimate) on makeup each month? 

Sherena: Yikes! I can spend $100-250 on makeup, which isn't that bad compared to some other artists out there!

Xiomara: Favorite go-to shades?

Sherena: Favorite go to shades for eyes definitely MAC 'Woodwinked' eyeshadow and MAC 'Saddle' eyeshadow. For lips 'Delight' Cremesheen glass by MAC and for blush 'Mocha' By MAC.

Xiomara: Freelance much? If so, which type of projects do you take on?

Sherena: I freelance weddings, parties, special effects makeup, and special occasions.

Xiomara: Any makeup tips you'd like to share for the non-pros?

Sherena: Tip... If you are going with a red lip, make sure you have a lipliner to go with it! Nothing worse than a smudgey red lip! And always finish a look with mascara! Mascara always brings a look together. The finishing touches!

Xiomara: Top makeup rule you will never break? Top beauty rule?

Sherena: Makeup: Prime those eyes girls! It makes a huge diffrence in the wear of your makeup throughout the day. Dont be afraid to try something new! Break your makeup habits! Beauty: Moisturize Your skin! Nice hydrated skin makes for a beautiful makeup application

Xiomara: 10 years from now, where do you see yourself in your career?

Sherena: 10 years from now, I hope to have made a name for myself. To be working on sets or maybe even teaching or training. Dreaming big!


I hope you were taking notes from the pro! :) Connect with Sherena on Facebook or send her an email for inquiries and/or book for makeup application services. 

For more looks by Sherena, also check out an amazing look she did on myself here.

Have a great weekend!

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