Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Feature: Alisia Perez

When watching a film or visually soaking in the details of a photo, I always wonder who was behind the lens during that particular shot. What was their inspiration? How did they do that? What's their message? I'm always pleasantly surprised when I uncover who the artist is. 

The same goes when I watched a video my friend was featured in. This time around, I actually know the director, Alisia Perez. Since our first introduction, I've always had a style crush on this gal. Alisia's style is super fearless, fun, fashion forward and yet pays homage to vintage. She's quite the style chameleon. Although from my recent discovery, she's a director too-- an amazing one! After I saw her work, I had to hire her (check my 'About' page and click 'Play' ). The film school 2011 grad has kept busy freelancing and partnering with Northbound Films and is loving every minute of it.

Keep scrolling down for photos of the beautiful artist and an exclusive Pumps and Lipstick Friday Feature interview: 

Xiomara: When did your passion for directing and film begin?

Alisia: My parents exposed me to a lot of great films growing up, everything from Fred Astaire to foreign cinema to the American classics, but it wasn't until I took a Film Lit class in high school that I truly began to see it as an art form and more than just entertainment. The films I saw in that class still remain in my top 5 favorite movies. 

Xiomara: Who are your directing icons?

Alisia: I'm really big on style and art direction, so naturally I favor directors who show a distinct and often abstract look to their material. As far as film directors go I'd say Tarantino and Kubrick for their strong visuals. Melina Matsoukas (the genius director behind Rihanna's "We Found Love" video) is a huge role model for me being a woman in a male-dominated industry, and I'm a fan of Anthony Mandler's work as well.

Xiomara: Do you have a specific type of style when it comes to your craft?
Alisia: It all depends on the type of production, since my work varies from music videos-which can be highly stylized, to commercial uses- which call for a straightforward and polished look. What I strive for in everything I do is an end product that communicates the goals of each client, whether they want to stand out as an artist or push a product onto the market. 

Xiomara: What inspires you while filming?

Alisia: Music. Everyone loves music, but for me it takes on a narrative role when I can pair it with strong visuals and a storyline. I always have a song or score in mind for everything I produce visually. 

Xiomara: What do you try to capture the most?

Alisia: Going back to that Film Lit class, story is everything. Whether the narrative is implied or direct, I'm a stickler for the three act structure, even if it's something as simple as a Kickstarter project or a music video. There's has to be a defined beginning, middle, and end and a purpose that carries you through it.

Xiomara: Does your work influence your personal style or visa versa?

Alisia: I'd say they have a symbiotic relationship since I appreciate good design in everything. I emphasized on Art Direction when I was in film school, which meant I had to pay close attention to color palettes, shapes, textures, and ultimately design the look of a film. I think those principles translate to any design-focused industry whether it's fashion, interiors, or fine art.
Xiomara: Favorite style and beauty icon?

Alisia: Rihanna, hands down. She's bold and innovative, but smart about the risks she takes as far as fashion goes. I follow her fan-made Tumblr "Things Rihanna Taught Me" and I never get bored of looking at her!

Xiomara: What's your favorite piece in your closet that you're rocking right now?

Alisia: I just picked up this extremely versatile vintage jacket from some thrift store on Haight street for $26. Total impulse buy, and I've already worn it three times in the last week. I feel instantly cooler when I wear it. 

Xiomara: 10 years from now, where do you want to be in your directing career?

Alisia: I ultimately see myself as a producer, someone who orchestrates the whole production and oversees the different departments. People tend to think to think producers only handle the business side of the film industry, but they're really the brains behind everything. 

Xiomara: What specific types of film do you generally produce?

Alisia: As of now I produce short form productions, so promotional videos and music videos mostly. Our generation is visually dependent and everyone seems to have a side hustle these days, so I've found a lot of opportunities to produce media for marketing purposes just by reaching out to different people I know and networking.

Xiomara Top three style rules that you will always follow?

Alisia: 1. Never buy the same thing twice. 2. Always look your best, you never know who you'll run into. 3. Don't follow the rules.


That's a wrap! For more on the stylish camera girl, visit her Vimeo page for her latest projects and videos. Wanna stalk her? I know you do! Hit the 'Follow' button on Instagram and Twitter for daily tid-bits from the budding director.

Stay tuned for more and have a fabulous weekend!

All photos are original and property of Alisia Perez and Xiomara Rosa-Tedla.

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