Friday, December 21, 2012

Life's a Beach: Winter Vacation Inspiration

Playa Flamenco, Puerto Rico

A last minute trip to my island, Puerto Rico, has been eating away at me. Should I stay? Should I go? Who's gonna feed my cat? Really, $1,100.00 for a round-trip flight? All signs point to 'yes' but things get a little more complicated of course.

So, I decided to put a look together to help inspire me some more on my journey to the Caribbean. For an island that is almost 100% humidity 100% of the time, a maxi dress is an easy pick for it's effortless flow and airy-ness. Studded sandals in a deep blue add a hint of edge. Gold accessories create a glam feel and tastefully add lots of gleam and sheen. Pops of bright colors are undeniable for the Caribbean with orange polish and magenta lipstick. Top off the entire look with a straw fedora and it screams "I'm on vacation!"

Wow...I think I just typed myself into a decision. Yes.

Life's a Beach

Matthew williamson

$595 -

Yellow gold earrings
$20 -

Agent Ninetynine straw hat
$26 -

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