Thursday, January 24, 2013

Artisan Jewelry Pieces from the Caribbean

Any time a friend or family member asks me what type of gifts or souvenirs I'd like from their travels, I always ask for jewelry and/or accessories. I figure it's convenient for them to bring back because of the compact size and weight, but I also think they're the easiest pieces to incorporate in any look and adds a lil' something special with the story of where it's from.

This time around, my dad recently returned from Cuba with quite a few artisan jewelry pieces. Take a peek for all the goodies below:

Sterling silver drop earrings paired with drop choker with amethyst stones.

Sterling silver bracelet cuff with carved wood bead.

Sterling silver bracelet cuff with dark coral stone.

Large sea shell ring.

Sterling silver bracelet with black coral stone and opal details.

Sterling silver drop earrings with Tiger's Eye stones.

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