Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Motivation: Friends Promote Friends

Whenever a friend of mine has accomplished something small or great, I feel like that one super loud person in the crowd with a handmade sign, wildly jumping up and down, screaming, "That's my girl! Way to goooo!" I get so excited and happy to see them on their way to success and surpassing milestones. 

One of them is my friend of eight years, Jessica Linehan, founder and artist of Bobbi J jewelry. If you've been reading through my many blog posts, you've probably seen her name, face, and jewels about a dozen times. Less than 24 hrs ago, she just dropped an uh-maaazzzinnnggg video directed and created by our friend, Alisia Perez, who also directed my 'About Me' video as well. I can't stress enough, how proud I am to be their friend and to be able to surround myself with such awesome, original creativity that is nothing less than DOPE.

To view the vid, click here. Enjoy!

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