Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Motivation: Motivation From Strangers

For those of us that ride public transportation, we're used to hopping on and sticking to ourselves, immersed in our own worlds by playing Candy Crush on our phones, blaring Justin Timberlake's new album via earbuds, reading Elle magazine, and the like. Rarely do we ever engage in conversation with the strangers we sit or stand next to.

Ever been inspired or touched by the actions of a stranger? If you did, did you get that feel-good, tingly, happy sensation that lit up your face? Well, I sure did when I read a post on The Bold Italic last week. Check out the video below of a BART (Bay Area Regional Transit) rider who greets the train every morning-- it's really touching! For the full read, check out the post here.

Happy Monday!

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