Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Motivation: Get Excited!

I used to dread Mondays. I would even get sad on Sundays because Monday was right around the corner. What a terrible way to start the week, right? Right. So how did I turn this around? I started to get excited about what was approaching in my near future: girls night out, my favorite gym class, date night, Scandal, etc. The more I focused on what got me excited and happy, the less I thought about the long commute to work and the job in general. It even taught me how to get excited about the things I really liked about my job so I wouldn't even focus or dread about the tiny things that really urked me at work. Heck, the more excited I got about my favorite things and upcoming events, the week flew by even faster. By the time I actually looked up at the calendar, it was already Friday!

Adjust your focus. Stay excited!

Happy Monday!

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