Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Best Hair Ties Ever: Snappee

Most of the time, people cannot believe that I can wrangle this curly mane into a pony or bun. Please believe that this can be achieved! Along with strategic finger placement and grasp, a trusty hair tie is key. For many, many moons I have purchased thousands (no, seriously) of hair ties that have butchered my strands on a daily basis with tough tugs, pulls and friction created from tying up or taking down ponies and buns. Thankfully, my friend, Keziah Okonkwo, created Snappees and has come to save the day!

Snappees are the next generation of hair ties that save your hair from damage and keep your ponies high and tight. Instead of ripping your hair tie out of a bun, just simply unsnap the Snappee and you're set!

Still confused? Check out below:

Here's me and my big hair about to work out.

Here's my trusty Snappee!

Tame the mane...

tie it up...

and voila! A bun!

Unsnap Snappee to take down.

To get more info on this amazing product and learn how you can create more looks with Snappees, click here! Quit stalling and get yourself a pack...or 30!

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