Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Agree to Disagree

Call it what you want: a healthy debate, an argument, a clash, a difference of opinion or a flat out fight. There are going to be those times where you want your man to bow down and admit that you're right. And usually, WE ARE RIGHT! But in the end of your 'tiff', is it really worth it? Is it really worth all the energy, the relationship strain and the back-and-forth arguing? Well, is it?!

Recently, I've been working on letting go of my ego. You know, that thing inside you that wants to tell the world, "My ego is bigger than yours, bitch!" or wants to prove why you're better than another and that the world revolves around you. Now I'm not saying that everyone is a narcissist or a big douche, but we all have some level of ego where we want to be right most of the time.

Part of letting go of my ego means letting my man win sometimes and maybe even admitting that you're wrong. In the middle of an argument, just simply say, "You know what babe, you're right. I'm sorry." It may take a moment or two for him to process what actually happened and he may even keep arguing, but he'll soon get the hint that you threw in the towel.

Doing this will immediately end the fight, relieve the tension, lead to a happier relationship and a much happier, ego-less you. So tell your ego to be quiet and kick rocks and go ahead and give your man his balls back!

Try it. I dare you. Matter of fact, I double dare you! The results are amazing!

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