Friday, March 18, 2011

White Hot

There's a lot more to wearing white than just a tank or a t-shirt. Dive into new styles this season with white trenches, suits, skirts, sheer dresses and layers! Check out the looks below:
Diane Krueger in a short, lightweight skirt
 Pair a full white skirt with a solid or printed tank, metallic sandals and a skinny waist belt for an effortless, fun and flirty look.
Heidi Klum in a tailored suit
You can't create a cleaner and more sophisticated look with a tailored white blazer and pants! Mix and match the look with solid and printed pieces to create more wardrobe options.
Gwyneth Paltro in a minimal evening gown
 Long white dresses aren't just for bridal gowns anymore. The elegant look is streamlined and stripped of extras in favor of sleek silhouettes with long sleeves. 
Lea Michelle pairing a white blouse with metallic print skirt
Girls night out tonight? Be prepared to shine! Turn out a casual outfit into a chic, ready-to-party look by pairing metallic printed and solid pieces. Remember: don't go overboard with metallics.
Leighton Meester layering white on white
 Lay it on thick with white on white! Try a white blouse with a white pant or skirt and a white jacket too! Jazz up your look with bright colored shoes and accessories.
Natalie Portman in a sheer white dress
 Wearing sheer pieces create an elegant look mixed with a sexy edge. Sheer sleeves, sheer blouses, sheer necklines, sheer back and sheer cutouts are all the rage! How many more times can I say the word 'sheer'?!
Rachel Zoe sporting her own white trench
 Every girl loves a classic trench coat so, why not try it in white? Rock a fabulous white trench with a wide waist belt for a a clean and streamlined look.

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