Tuesday, April 5, 2011

60's Spider Lashes

All over the Spring 2011 Fashion Week there were lovely 'look-at-me' lashes batting down the runways. Chloe, Mui Mui, Valentino and Lanvin all inspired makeup artists this season to bring back 60's spider lashes. Any diva can pull off this look using natural or false lashes. 

When using your own lovely, god-given lashes, load up on lengthening mascara--about 3 coats. Ladies, use your best judgement when applying multiple coats of mascara. You KNOW when it's starting to look scary! Then, separate lashes into groups using a tweezer and hold each group together for about 10 seconds. This will create beautifully defined star-shaped points.  

For false lashes, it doesn't get any easier. Just simply apply glue to lash strip and apply above upper lash line. If you're confident in applying false lashes, try using singles for a more natural look.

Here are some recommendations on beautiful spider lashes you can buy at your nearest department store or online:

MAC: 7 Lash
Sephora: Glam (spikey black)
Shuuemura: False Eyelashes s217

New to false lashes? Looking to pick up a few tips on applying lashes? Here's a great tutorial I found:

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