Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chunky: Me Likey

I like my peanut butter chunky and the same goes for my jewelry. The bigger the chunk, the bigger the statement!  Large jewelry pieces pump up the glam in any outfit regardless if the it's casual or upscale. Oversize jewelry are great conversation starters and are simply mesmerizing.

If your outfit has an open neckline, opt for a large, embellished collar necklace. Pair multiple cuffs and bangles of different texters and styles to mix it up. Pairing large earrings and chunky necklaces together can be a bit overwhelming with so much going on in the same upper body area. Tone it down by only wearing one of the two chunky pieces.

Necklace + Cuff = Fabulous
Earrings + Cuff= uh-MAZING
Necklace + Cuff + Earrings= WAY TOO MUCH!

Check out some of my favorite chunky pieces:
Lizzie Fortunato

Lizzie Fortunato



What do you think of my favorite picks? Do you love chunky jewelry too? Let me know!

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