Thursday, September 1, 2011

Makeup Adhesives: Dior Velvet Eyes

There are some instances where I'll pat myself on the back. With lots of trial and error in my younger years playing around with makeup, I've pretty much become a master of my face! BUT! When it comes to liquid eyeliner, I've got to have plenty of makeup remover and q-tips on hand-- my shaky hands can create quite a disaster!

Thankfully, Dior Beauty is releasing an eyeliner adhesive called Dior Velvet Eyes. For dramatic and clean wings, simply stick on the wings on your lids and your set! They're scheduled to unveil the new product at Fashions Night Out at Dior's 57th St. boutique and are available for sale at

Take a peek below at the lovely and wicked wings:

Love, love, LOVE this new product! Genius!!

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  1. Perfect! Gotta get to his boutique for ,Fashion night out:-) I think the adhesive wings are a great idea:-)

  2. I wish I were going to NYC for FNO! :( Have fun and let me know how the adhesive wings look!