Saturday, October 6, 2012

Casual Night Out

Every once in a while I tend go out and about and be social. I've been getting better I promise! Yesterday, my friend and I attended Oakland's monthly art murmur called, First Fridays. It was a blast to say the least with lots and lots of art, sculptures, dance performances, live music, food trucks for blocks, vendors of all sorts, and of course, a lovely beer garden :)

Here's yesterday's super casual look of the evening:


Magenta cropped khakis (Gap), bow print tank, grey sweater, black scarf, python flats (all from H&M) and black handbag (Michael Kors - Hamilton). It's funny, after listing all the items in this look, I realize that my handbag was more expensive than my entire outfit?! Handbag: $298 vs. Outfit: $110. Funny. 

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