Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Feature: Bobbi J

Many often struggle searching for their calling or even recognizing it. San Francisco, jewelry artisan, Bobbi J,  has found hers. It's a beautiful thing when a simple hobby turns into a full blown business. From working at Vidal Sassoon to working from the comfort of her home, Bobbi J is onto a good thing!

The beautiful, creative, and talented artist works with genuine stones, metals, chains, leather and more. From simple to intricate pieces in a range of styles, she'll always keep you guessing on what's to come next. What's baffling is that she's still learning and strengthening her craft! From the looks of her work, one would think she has been jewelry making for years.

On a beautiful, Friday afternoon in late September, I had the privilege of meeting with Bobbi J in her San Francisco home to talk style, jewelry, and everything Bobbi J.

Get an inside look of the amazing, budding artist and read the exclusive interview below:

Bobbi J
Bobbi J in her element.
Tulips + Workspace.
Treasures of the sea.
Cropping and crimping.

Xiomara: Where did your interest for jewelry making begin?

Bobbi J: Well, when I was singing, the passion that I had for it, was kind of dying away. And if you're passionate about something, you don't just think about it all the time, you're doing something about it. So, the jewelry-making was an idea that started around last year, around late November and early December, and I really wanted to do something with my hands.  So I signed up for a class in January 2012, and it was just supposed to be a hobby-- just for fun because it was something that I liked. And at that time, I was going to stores like H&M and Forever 21, and I saw all this jewelry that I didn't like. Then I realized, "Why not make my own jewels!" Soon, I started to learn more and wanted to challenge myself, and then I was giving away stuff that I was making, and later people wanted to buy them. Shortly after, I found myself making business cards and things were falling into place. 

Xiomara: What describes or defines your work? What words would describe your style?

Bobbi J: I'm still figuring it out. [laughs]

Xiomara: Oh! That's fine! [laughs] But right now, if you looked at your collection, what are the first descriptions that call out to you? 

Bobbi J: When I first started, I was looking at African tribes for inspiration, so I was inspired by earthy tones and vibrant colors. And then I started moving into metals and more statement pieces. So versatility. 

Xiomara: Do you design for yourself or do you have a person in mind when you're creating a piece?

Bobbi J: I never make a piece that I wouldn't wear, so yes, I do design for myself. If it's a custom piece, I do like to get an idea of who I'm creating for. 

Xiomara: Where do you see your brand going?

Bobbi J: Bigger than I could think of. 

Xiomara: What's the next collection? What are you working on now?

Bobbi J: Onyx, Jasper, Agate stones...I love the different textures of Agate. Chains and whatever inspiration comes to me at the moment and defitnely earrings will be coming soon. 

Xiomara: Where do you get inspiration from?

Bobbi J: I get inspiration from different people-- street wear, runway wear even other jewelry artisans. 

Xiomara: Who are your idols?

Bobbi JRight now, Dannijo, they're based out of NY. They're part of the reason why I wanted to make beautiful pieces. I would look at their stuff and be like, "How the HELL did they make that?!" And as a jewelry maker, I want to keep people guessing. 

Xiomara: Anything else you want to leave readers with to know more about you?

Bobbi J: Do what you love.

There you have it. First, exclusive interview with Bobbi J. Check out her work via Tumblr and Facebook. Instagram: BOBBILINEHAN and Twitter: @Bobbi_Jsf.

All photos are original and were taken by Xiomara Rosa-Tedla. All rights reserved.

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