Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Feature: Dante Wright / The Bellwether Project

I've had the pleasure of meeting up-and-coming fashion stylist, Dante Wright, 9 years ago when I was 16 years old. My boyfriend, Jovan Simien, and Dante have been best friends for the longest. And since the early years of driving around in his red Mitsubishi Eclipse in Elk Grove, California and shooting hoops in front of my mom's house, Dante has always had one thing-- style. And he'll tell you himself that he'll "always be the best dressed person in the room." So over the years, I've witnessed his style's transformation from Jordans, jerseys, graphic tees, and skateboards to blazers, fedoras, and wingtips. What's even more exciting is the beginning of his rapid career in styling and the birth of The Bellwether Project.

Check out my exclusive interview and shots with Dante Wright and his take on fashion, style, and The Bellwether Project below:

I had to sneak in a BFF photo: My boyfriend, Jovan Simien (left) and Dante Wright (right).

Xiomara: What does style mean to you?

Dante: Style to me is an expression of character through attire, movements, and mannerisms.

Xiomara: Who and what inspires your style?

Dante: What inspires my style is city lifestyle and music. Who inspires me would be elders and people like Nick Wooster and Piggy Motufumi.

Xiomara: How do you stay up-to-date and ahead on current trends in fashion?

Dante: I honestly don't stay up-to-date on current trend because I try and avoid being trendy. Instead, I pride myself and my style as being timeless. I always buy for longevity. Meaning, classic prints and items such as wingtips, cable wire material and prints like houndstooth or herringbone. These are things that aren't classified as trendy, but rather classic.

Xiomara: How did you meet your business partner and why did you two start The Bellwether Project?

Dante: I met my business partner at a SFNY yacht party event. He was taking pictures at the time and asked to take mine and we had a brief discussion about style.  We exchanged info and one year later, The Bellwether Project started. The reasoning behind us starting Bellwether was to document our own personal style and become an outlet for men who needed inspiration and advice on advancing there style.

Xiomara: What was your first major project/event The Bellwether Project styled?

Dante: Dario had styled events on his own prior to this event, but our first one together was The Dapper Hood event for SFFW at Rogue.

Xiomara: 10 years from now, what does the future hold for The Bellwether Project?

Dante: 10 years down the line remains a mystery for us. We aware moving at a rapid pace and never expected to be where we are now this quickly. The 2 things that are sure is office space and a major collab with a high end brand.

Xiomara: Throughout the years, how has your style evolved into what it is now?

Dante: My style has evolved to what it is now through going through certain phases in my life and then taking all of them and creating the style I have today. Skateboarding, working at Macy's, and my job at the bank all have played a major part in the evolution of my style.

Xiomara: What are your top three style rules you live by and would by no means break?

Dante: 1. Undershirts under button downs (v-necks only) 2. Untucked shirt and tie 3. Clip on bow ties.

Xiomara: Favorite designers?

Dante: Thom Browne, Tom Ford, and Junya Watanabe.

Xiomara: Any last thoughts, tips, or quotes for the readers?

Dante: Your style is your first impression, don't forget you only get one.


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