Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bargain Buys = Happy Girl

Last week I almost lost my damn mind. Like, out of my mind, insanely happy, shocked beyond belief type of deal. In this particular instance, I found amazing deals during MLK weekend. It's not like I was actively searching for deals or even in a shopping mood. I just stumbled upon them while enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon. All I can say is, "Winner winner, chicken dinner!"

So, let me break down for y'all what exactly brought me to the brink of happy insanity:

1. Black embellished waist belt from Urban Outfitters. I originally thought the price was $9.99 (originally $36) when I found this beauty on the sale rack. Boy, did I get stupid giddy when the sales associate rang me up and told me it was $4.99!

2. Grey leopard print BDG denim from Urban Outfitters. Like the waist belt above, this puppy was listed for $9.99 (originally $68). So, you can understand my confusion when I was told my total amounted to under $11! I almost kissed the cashier when she explained that there was an additional 50% discount off all sale items.

3. Bright pink cropped slim pants from Gap. I already have the same pants in cobalt blue, and I love them so much. When I spotted these bad boys amidst the sale madness, I knew they would be mine! With Spring around the corner, this bright, light pink is the perfect shade for the blossoming season. Want to know what the sales associate told to me? "Oh, don't forget to take advantage of the extra 40% off sale items!" So I skipped out of Gap paying less than $12!

 Fresh out the bag. Please excuse the wrinkles.

So, those are my recent bargain buys and I always score when I'm not trying to score. Winning!

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