Saturday, February 2, 2013

Beauty Trend I'm Tempted to Try: Matte Lipstick

I remember first dabbling into makeup. At age 11, sneaking into my mom's makeup bags in the morning when she wasn't looking and snatching a tube of lip gloss. Riding shotgun in the car on the way to school, the stolen gloss burned a hole in my jacket pocket. Was it worth stealing borrowing? Absolutely! As soon as she pulled up to the school, I bolted out of her car and dashed over to the girls' bathroom to layer on the pinky sheer gloss. Oooh I thought I was bad!

Many years have passed since my borrowing days and I ventured on to lipsticks. I never strayed too far away from a super moist and glossy look that had captured my heart before my tween years. With the matte lipstick trend on the rise from the Spring 2013 runways of Michael Kors, Burberry, Missoni, Donna Karen and more, I may-- just may-- give matte lips a try. 

The key for this look is for your lips to appear dry, but not chapped, crackly dry. To get it right, apply a matte lipstick in your favorite shade, to avoid cracked lip lines, apply a lip liner, and lastly, gently apply lip balm to keep your pout a tiny bit moist.

Scroll down for matte lip looks:

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