Friday, April 12, 2013

Getting Lost in Santa Barbara

Never have I ever visited such a lovely slice of heaven. On the last day of our father-daughter road trip, we visited Santa Barbara and our first stop was the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. The lush garden is filled with blooming flowers, fragrant shrubs, and winding trails. My dad and I enjoyed our surroundings so much that we bought six plants from the garden's nursery and took them on the road with us back home after we stopped by the beach.

As whimsical and nature-themed this day was, my outfit sure wasn't but that's A-OK. Leopard denim, black ballet flats and tank, and crystal necklace somewhat clash with this beautiful background, but hey, maybe that's the beauty in it? Good thing my ballet flats are patent leather so I could easily wipe off the dirt and dust from the trails. 

Scroll down for more Santa Barbara scenery...

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  1. Great photos of the garden and beach! I think your outfit was cute and it didn't clash with the background. I'm glad you enjoyed spending time with your dad. Nice.

    Who is that girl Mo?