Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sunday Funday: Anniversary Edition in Cobalt Blue and Bright Orange

OH-EM-GEE I finally found some time to blog! I just started the Fashion Merchandise Marketing graduate program at FIDM San Francisco last week, so I'm getting adjusted to my new schedule and crazy workload. And let me tell ya, this ain't no joke!

Anyway, this past Monday was mine and my boyfriend's 6th anniversary! (If any one of you asks me when he's going to propose, I will personally punch you in the face! lol) So on Sunday, we decided to take advantage of this gorgeous weather and have a celebratory brunch after we took care of our babies (our plants) followed by some intense go-kart racing-- we're adrenaline junkies like that.

I opted for a new, cobalt blue lace number from Express that I've been dyyyyiinngg to wear when the weather reached over 70 degrees along with BCBG studded sandals in orange. I had to show my excitement and love for spring some kind of way and this is the best route I know how-- through my clothes!

So go on and click for lots of shots of our beautiful, celebratory day...enjoy!

X marks the spot.

Practicing my curtsy on our rooftop patio. See downtown Oakland?
Buganvilias never get old. I can't wait until this one covers my future house :)

MMmmm Basil.

Planted these Lilly bulbs in February and now they're finally sprouting! I'm  making my mom proud with my new green thumb :)

The first rose that bloomed.

This Aloe is taking over our balcony!

One of the newest additions from Santa Barbara.

I've had these beauties for years and I'm still in love with them. Thank you BCBG!

Jovan aka Mr. Too Cool.
Patiently waiting for some breakfast grub at Lakeshore Cafe in Oakland.
Jovan's 'Tequila Scramble'.

$1.95 mimosas in orange, strawberry and mango...are you kidding me?! I'll take 4! Please and thank you.
Before this, I had never tried eggs benedict. After reading raving reviews on Yelp, I had to try their crabcake eggs benedict. They are truly, the
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  1. Great summery combo - loving those sandals!

    Great pictures too!

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.