Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Motivation: Earth Day - Find the Natural Beauty Around You

Not only is today my beautiful mom's birthday, it's Earth Day! Now to be honest, I don't particularly do something extra for the environment on this day, and maybe I should take my personal, daily, environmental duties to the next level, but I like to take a step back and look around at the natural beauty. In my previous posts, one can tell that I like to take snap shots of flowers, plants, landscapes and the sorts and also part-take in outdoor activities on the regular. Observing the amazing and free beauty in this world truly makes me happy. Whether it's spotting a hummingbird buzz around from flower to flower, watching the fog roll in over the mountains, or noticing how large my rose bush has grown over the last month, it sure takes my mind off all the negative BS. So whenever I'm in a foul mood or if something's bugging me, I just take a quick moment to look around and find something beautiful.

On that note, go outside and take in the scenery! Celebrate this wonderful world we live in!

Happy Earth Day!

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  1. Ooh - thanks for sharing, better go sort my recycling.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.