Friday, April 5, 2013

Look of the Day: California Coastline Road Trip - Day 1

Last week my dad and I embarked on a 4-day road trip down the California coastline. One of our favorite things to do is just go for a drive and take in the scenery wherever we are--no music, just conversation. So naturally, we decided to drive down the legendary Highway 1.

Take a peek into day one at our first stop in Monterey:
On this day, the weather was on crack. First started out breezy, then chilly and then warm as heck. The entire day I was taking off my leather jacket and five minutes later putting it back on. From unwrapping to rewrapping my scarf around my neck, I almost wanted to hang myself from frustration. Good thing these skinny jeans were super comfy and with tons of stretch for sitting in the car for a couple hours. This roomy knit sweater in lime kept me warm and added a nice pop of color.

No, those are not rocks on the sand. Seals are the original beach bums.

Note: leopard calf hair loafers are not the best shoes for the beach.

There are seriously over 50 shades of grey here.


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