Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Beach Bummin'

As I'm entering the middle of this hectic first quarter of my grad program, I can barely find the time to blog. Sorry, folks! Within the past 36 hours I've had 4 midterms and a huge presentation. Can you say 'no life'? I'm happy to say I currently have a little bit of breathing room so, where's my first escape to relax? My blog.

Today's Polyvore inspiration is 100% influenced by my mood. All I want to do right now is teleport myself to a tropical beach with white, soft sand and clear water, lay down on a comfy lounge chair that's strategically placed underneath an umbrella, magazine in hand, with a bucket-o-brews by my side. No cell phone, no laptop, not a damn thing.

The next thing I consider as I'm daydreaming about relaxing at the beach, is what am I gonna wear? As I hate tan lines, strapless is my go-to. I'm crazy for color and prints and new styles away from the typical string bikini and opt for a synched bottom with a v-cut on top. After splashing in the water, my hair goes absolutely cray-cray-- a hat is a necessitiy so, why not add a little bit of drama with this floppy brim. As you see, with the bucket-o-brews, my tummy won't be so flat so, that's where I cue in this fab fringed and laced sarong.

As I type away, I've easily convinced myself to book a trip and visit my friend in Miami. Enough with all this typing. Bring on the beach bumming!

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  1. corona with lime <3

    I cant wait to lay on the beach this summer either!