Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Motivation: How I Plan to Get Over Last Night's Game of Thrones Episode

It's been over 12 hours since episode 9 of Game of Throne's third season aired and I'm still in utter disbelief. I'm feeling so many different emotions at the same time and most of these emotions contradict themselves. I'm furious, shocked, hopeful, sad and as I'm typing these emotions, I'm somewhat upset that a TV show has this much control over my life!

So this is how I'm going to turn myself around: distraction. I must stay busy, busy, busy to keep my mind off, you know, the most shocking episode of the damn season! Please pray for me as I hunt for hours for the funniest animal videos on YouTube, scrub every tile on my kitchen counter, bury myself in trend forecasting and merchandising homework until my brain can't take it anymore, and afterwards...drink! After all the distraction activities, I should be A-OK. At least until Sunday for the season finale ;)

On a serious note, distraction is key for changing your mood for any type of situation. By simply turning your attention and focus to something else, you will be amazed to find how quickly you can get over something that's been on your mind for hours or days on end.

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