Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Look of the Day: A Day At the San Diego Zoo

Continuing my previous post of my adventures in San Diego, on this day we paid a visit to my bf's furry friends at the San Diego Zoo. After popping celebratory birthday champagne bottles for brunch at Broken Yolk in the Gaslamp District for his birthday, we were in for a serious wake up call when we arrived at the zoo. Clearly, we underestimated how HUGE the zoo actually is. It's like Disneyland for animals-- no joke.

Point blank, I definitely chose the wrong outfit. Why? Even though the weatherman said it would be significantly cooler than the day before, it wasn't. It was most likely hotter. And why did I choose to believe in the weather man? No idea because they're never right any other time. 

Nonetheless, I still enjoyed my time oohing and awwing at the majestic creatures in Gap denim, a teal, flowy layered top my mom gifted from Mexico and tan ballet flats with a neon orange capped toe. I wanted to mix up my outfits over the weekend instead of wearing dress after dress after dress. With all the walking, my flats started to ache and rub the back of my heel, my jeans didn't allow for much air flow to cool off. Towards the end of the day, I started to push up my layered top to cool off some sort of way! Good thing they served beer at the zoo or else I would have been bitchin' the whole day ;)

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A high bun to keep my neck cool, pink gloss, and big, Bobbi J earrings to add some artisan bling.

Bougainvilleas are one of my favorite plants.

The bf sure has some hops!

This shot may be too National Geographic if you know what I mean.

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