Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Look of the Day: Tribal Inspired

What a beautiful winter, isn't it? Well, not everyone lives in (the best state ever) California. Here in the Golden State, we're experiencing a rather warm winter. The sun shines so bright and I can feel the envy from my friends shivering on the East Coast. #sorrynotsorry 

I will say though, the weather has been creating difficult winter wardrobe choices. Numerous questions like, "Is it going to be warm or chilly today? Should I wear a longer jacket? Will I be too hot in boots?" and the like, run through my mind during my daily morning 'get ready' routine. On this day, it started out gloomy with overcast and then leaded to lots of sun with a cool breeze. I screamed, "Make up your mind, weather!" 

So finally, I put together a Native American inspired tribal dress that's thick like a sweater plus tall black boots with exposed zippers paired with patterned black tights. This way I could stay mostly warm with thick pieces and exposed arms and neck to keep me cool and balanced. With this casual look, I played down the number of jewelry pieces and narrowed down to my favorite, Bobbi J earrings. Hair and makeup are simple and sweet with half up and super straight a neutral brown eyeshadow by MAC named Corduroy. 

Get your scroll on...

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