Saturday, March 5, 2011

10 Hot Spring Nail Polish Shades

Sometimes it's hard for me to decide which nail polish to choose when I'm at the nail shop getting a mani-pedi. Which colors are 'in'? Which colors are 'out'? Good thing for us, we have color companies that do the work for us. God bless Pantone for putting together the top ten colors for Spring 2011! Pantone is a color company that surveys designers at New York Fashion Week to find out what the ten most popular colors of the season will be. Spring 2011's shades are out and about, and the palette gives us a wide range of bright hues and neutral tones. Here's the top ten list: Regatta blue, golden yellow Beeswax, Silver Cloud gray, creamy green Peopod, teal Blue Curacao, Honeysuckle pink, Russet brown, Coral Rose orange, Silver Peony pink, and classic Lavender. 

So there you have it! 10 shades to play around with all Spring long. Which color is your fave? Let me know. See you at the nail shop!

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  1. Coral is huge! In every wich way neutrals and then CORAL shall be found on your nails, handbags, dresses, shirts to shoes!