Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend Adventures

Went a little camera crazy on Sunday when Pops came into town. The weather was absolutely amazing, everyone was cheery for the holiday weekend and I couldn't ask for more. What I love about hanging out with my dad is that we have no agenda to abide by. It's all about enjoying the present moment whether we're strolling down a busy shopping avenue, getting a bite to eat, sipping tea or coffee at a cafe, people watching, or taking a drive up the hills to reach the top and catch a pretty view of the bay.

Here are some shots of our lovely Sunday. Hope you enjoy!

Near Merritt College in Oakland. Found a plot of land for sale with amazing views of SF, bay and bridges for a small fortune of 800K. 

Crazy wind going on here!

Passed a flower shop in Albany and found this beauty.

Mellow yellow.

Dad's veggie taco plate in Albany.

Water for me while on my 21-day cleanse.

Berkeley Marina. 1/4 mile long!

Hello Sun!


Richmond Bridge in the background.
At the end of Berkeley Marina. I wonder how long it was before the breakup?

See the Golden Gate?

After the long walk, we stopped at Skates on the Bay for a bite to eat/sip. Dad thinks he's 'too cool'. 

Big hair don't care.

All photos are original and property of Xiomara Rosa-Tedla.

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