Sunday, June 12, 2011

Turning Heads

Summer's almost here, which means the temperature is rising and the sun will be shining bright! One of my favorite ways to protect myself from the sun's rays is with a cool and fun hat. It's like putting the cherry on top of a double fudge sundae! In the summer heat, it's best to choose a woven, straw hat where air can circulate freely and keep your head from boiling. Fedora hats add the cool edge factor to an outfit and are available in many different color and printed bands. Add a feather to add more flair! A feminine, floppy sun hat adds even more protection from the sun and a lot more drama, baby!

Any hat should fit comfortably above your eyebrows. You don't want your hat to leave silly marks on your forehead.

Here are my favorite picks below:


Genie by Eugenia Kim

Helen Kaminski


Which is your favorite? Are you a fedora or floppy hat girl? Let me know!

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