Thursday, February 7, 2013

Taking Casual Up a Notch

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As I'm starting to unwind before the weekend last Friday, I get a call from a dear friend. I pick up and my friend on the east coast dives into a full blown conversation before I even blurt out, "Hello?" 

All I hear is, "Xio (pronounced: zee-oh)! OMG! I'm meeting up with this guy from bla bla bla, and we're headed to have a casual drink/meet up shindig in an hour. Help me decide what to wear!"

"Ummmm...." helps me as I'm trying to buy myself some time and figure out what she just said to me.

"OK! What are you wearing right now?" I ask.

"A sweater and skinny jeans."

"Send me a picture. This is a casual meet-up right?"


Picture message received. Evaluating...

"OK. You're going to keep what you're wearing. Just throw own a pair of heels, amp up the lipstick and eye shadow, and switch out some jewelry. The bigger the better."

"Really? That's it?!"

"Girl, you said casual meet-up. You're just taking your casual outfit up a notch. I'm going for the 'I look real cute, and I didn't try hard' look. It works every time."

I don't know what it is about pumps, but they not only take a look to a different level, but they make me feel different when I put them on. You walk different-- almost glide in a sense to where you think you're strutting on a runway like Naomi Cambell or Miranda Kerr. I just! It may not seem a lot, but applying a more noticeable shade of lipstick and/or lip gloss can drastically change a look within two minutes or less. Refresh your lids with an application of eyeshadow and/or eyeliner and mascara. Who knew three small changes in shoes, makeup and jewelry could go so far? What a time-saver, too!

I mean, this is my get-cute go-to trick for jazzing up a look in less than 59 minutes with commuting involved. What's yours? Please share in the comments!

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