Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mid-week Motivation: Stop Comparing Yourself

Yes, I hate it when I do it that to myself. It's so annoying, utterly counter productive and just really makes me feel poorly about myself. As I change gears and position my focus elsewhere from my sad and pitiful feelings, I came across an awesome blog post on one of my favorite sites, Pick The Brain. I'm really digging this particular point it makes:

"1) Your own situation at hand
Are you constantly wondering, “Dang, I wish I was at the bar now” or “I sure wish I was watching the game now”?
Wish all you like, but what you’re actually doing is comparing your situation at hand with an unreachable state.
Continue with this comparison, and you’re just going to increase your boredom or even make you dread what you’re doing.
It simply cannot be helped if you stuck at work or well, just doing something else!
Think about it: If you’re washing the dishes, you’d definitely, without a doubt want to be somewhere else (unless you really love washing dishes).
Is there a point thinking about it? Not really.
Be present at your moment instead. Quiet your mind. Eliminate distractions. Get the work done and be on your way!"
For the full read, click here. Enjoy!

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